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Heathen’s Holy Water: How To Make A Cleansing Water For Ancestral Protection

Holy water is simply water that has been prayed over & blessed by a priest, pastor or member of the clergy. It’s used widely in Catholicism & Christianity but it has its place in hoodoo & folk magick as well. Churches sometimes aren’t always the most warm & welcoming places for witches. So it’s important to have other options for cleansing. I’m going to share with you a recipe that literally involves only 3 ingredients that you can put together for a powerful cleanse & ancestral protection.

This isn’t to necessarily “replace” holy water but can act as reliable substitute & is more suitable for day to day use in cleansing. But before we can even get started, you’ll need to have an offering prepared for your ancestors. You don’t necessarily need a whole altar. You can very much still do this with or without an altar. This is because we will be asking them to help empower & bless your cleansing water. And ain’t no free lunches out here so if you’re asking for favors you need an offering. Period. As for what you can/should give as an offering, that is completely up to you. You will need to listen to your intuition and/or use whatever divination tools you feel comfortable with to determine your offering.

What You’ll Need:

A white or glass bowl

Water (you can use water collected from an ocean or river, or you can just use tap water)

Florida Water


After you’ve prepared & given your offering to your dead, pour your water into a bowl & place it on the altar. Place your right hand over the bowl. Speak directly to your ancestors & recite the following prayer:

“I call upon my ancestors (you can insert specific names or surnames) to be present & to bless this water for my healing, cleansing & to seek your protection. May this water cast out any & all negativity. Allow this water to create a shield of protection, a ring of white light & surround me with your love, healing & blessings.”

With your right hand still placed over the bowl, recite Psalm 17 & 23.

Now you can transfer your blessed water into a jar or spray bottle. Add a cap full of Florida Water & a pinch of basil.

*OPTIONAL STEP* Place your mixture back on your altar. Next to it, light a white taper candle dressed with an egg white & basil. Allow the candle to burn out entirely.


-Do not attempt to make this water when you are feeling anxious or distressed.

-Do not attempt to make this water if you think someone has done bad juju on you.

-This is for PERSONAL use only. NEVER EVER under ANY circumstance let anyone come into contact with or use this water unless it is your spouse or blood relative. It doesn’t matter how close you are to them or if you’ve known them for your whole life. Send your play cousins this link & tell them to make their own.

You can now use your “Heathen’s Holy Water” whenever you need a quick cleanse or pick-me-up. You can make this during any moon cycle. Although the full moon is a great time to do it, especially if you’re doing the additional optional step of lighting the white taper candle.

You’ll need to give your ancestors an offering each & every time you make this cleansing water. You can add this to your baths, use as a floor wash or as a cleansing spray. It great to use both before & after a night out partying & drinking or in any situation where you’ve been around a bunch of people, as this helps to protect you & cleanse off the energy you may pick up. As we get closer to Samhain, Dia de Los Muertos & the “dark season” it becomes even more crucial to stay cleansed & protected. So once you get comfortable with this recipe, start doing your own thing by adding additional herbs or using crystals. Just allow your intuition & the ancestral influence to flow. And as always, keep being your fun, quirky & witchy, heathen self!

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