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Last Minute Samhain Rituals For The Procrastinating Witch

Fuck, it’s Halloween or, as known in the woke world, Samhain & you haven’t planned not a single one ritual to do. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered sis. The ancient Celtic holiday, known as Samhain (pronounced "sow-in"), marks the end of the harvest season. It is believed that during this time, the pathways between the physical & spiritual realms are open & all spirits both benevolent & malevolent can roam free. It is celebrated sunset to sunset October 31st-November 1st. It also is celebrated the same day as El Dia De Los Muertos, the Mexican holiday also honoring the dead. But how does a Celtic holiday resonate with a bruja/o/x of color? Quite simple: Ancestor veneration. In my humble opinion, I feel that there is no more important practice to a witch of color than ancestor veneration. It is particularly OUR ancestors that have faced the most hardship and oppression. These entities need uplifting not just for our own healing but for theirs as well. And with the veil between the physical & spiritual realms being its thinnest, it’s an opportune time to call upon our ancestors for help & healing. I’ve put together 3 simple & easy rituals to honor your ancestors & get their assistance in manifesting your goals. But disclaimer, before completing any of these rituals, you will need to bless your muertos with an offering. Ain’t no free lunches out here. You cannot go asking the ancestors for favors when you haven’t done anything for them. You wouldn’t give your friend a ride across town without a little gas money to compensate you, so know that spirit works in the same way. You can give offerings at your ancestor altar. If you need to figure out how set one up, click here. If you do not have one, you can give your ancestors an offering at the base of a large tree. It represents life, growth & your “family tree”. Offerings include food that is not too spicy (it draws low vibrational, hot spirits) & not too salty (it wards off ALL spirits), alcohol, tobacco, flowers, candy and/or any trinkets that have representation or are nostalgic to your deceased love ones. My aunt, who passed away earlier this year, loved unicorns so I keep a small ceramic unicorn next to her photo. When giving offerings and completing these rituals, you can say any prayers that resonate with you or your family. I grew up in a Christian household, and most of my family went to church so I will typically utilize a bible verse or a psalm because that is something that my ancestors will recognize. If you don’t know what to say, always speak from your heart. Once your ancestors have been given their offerings, you’re ready to have some Samhain fun.

4 Corners of Protection Candle Ritual This ritual will call upon your ancestors to protect you against negativity, harmful spirits, hexes & curses. Dress 4 black candles with a banishing or protection oil (you can use B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe Mystic Oil for this. Click here to view), along with some cloves, rosemary & black pepper. Place the candles in the shape of a square, light them & pray to your ancestors for protection. Psalm 35 works well with this ritual. Let the candles burn out & dispose of the remains in a trash bin that is either outside of or entirely away from your home.

Prosperity Pumpkin Seed Jar Inside of a clean, empty glass jar, place your photo and/or your written birth name & DOB. Then insert 5-10 pumpkin seeds, rosemary, basil, spearmint, 3 cinnamon sticks & a $5 bill (or any denomination you choose!). Then pour either sugar (for fast results) or honey (for more sustainable results) to fill the jar & put the cap back on. Make sure it’s closed tight. Then light a green candle dressed with a prosperity or money drawing oil (you can use Money Moves Mystic Oil for this. Click here to view) & shake your jar while praying to your ancestors for prosperity. Keep this jar fully charged by giving it a good shake & lighting another dressed green candle every 30-90 days. Just don’t forget to leave your ancestors an offering every time you charge it.

Burning Ancestor Money This is the quickest & simplest way to honor your ancestors & seek their help in reaching your goals. The burning of ancestor money also known as joss paper, helps to energetically clear any debts that your ancestors left behind when they passed away. So if your grandmother was still making payments on the house or if your father still owed on his credit cards at the time they transitioned back to the spirit realm, this ritual helps to clear any karma that would follow them into the spiritual realm and/or affect their living relatives. Sit outside or at your ancestral altar, light a candle & ask for your ancestors to be present with you. Light the money using the flame from the candle & throw it into a bonfire or a firesafe dish. Pray for what you need (notice I said NEED not want, *inserts side eye emoji*) & ask your ancestors to grant your wishes & answer your prayers. Low on joss paper or don’t where to get it on such short notice? Real dolla bills work too.

Don’t let this time of year be the only time you honor your dead folks. These are all rituals that can also be done on a humble Wednesday afternoon in the month of March as well. Or on any day for that matter. As time passes & the veil thickens again, remember to be appreciative & honor those who have lived & died before you, for there is no stronger force than the beings connected to the blood that courses thru our veins.

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