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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip

Happy New Moon in Libra! For this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip, I want to play up on those Libra scales of BALANCE. Many of us fear not having enough money & our finances being out of balance. So let’s use this New Moon in Libra to do an easy ritual to focus on financial freedom, balance out our bills & bring in the big bucks!

You’ll want to do this exercise before bed or in the morning before you start your day. Use a $1, $5 or any higher denomination bill. Place it in between your hands. Take a few deep breaths & express gratitude for your current circumstances, even if your current circumstances aren’t ideal, allow all that you are thankful for to pass through your mind. Then I want you to visualize a ring of gold light surrounding the bill in your hands. Visualize this gold light expanding from around the bill to 5-7 feet around you in all directions. Put your hands together with the bill in between them & rub them together. Visualize that bill multiplying. As you see the bill multiplying & your hands overflowing with money, connect to the feeling of financial freedom. What does that feel like to you? For some people, this may be a rush or thrilling sensation, for others this may be a more calm & peaceful feeling. Hold this visual for 3-5 minutes then place the bill in your wallet. You can add your own flare to this ritual by dressing your dollar bill with a money drawing oil, reciting an affirmation or praying a Psalm (Psalms 23, 119 & 122 are great for this). Do this for 3 days and/or nights.

Ritual meditations like this can help to break up negative thought patterns about money & also aid in destroying blockages that you may have in manifesting wealth. You can incorporate this ritual mediation into your daily routine or use this as a go-to when you find yourself succumbing to financial stress. As with all the other New Moon Money Manifestation Tips, you can do them on any moon cycle, because as I always say, YOU ARE THE MAGICK. TU ERES LA MAGIA.

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