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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 1/24/20

Happy New Year you guys! We have a new calendar year & this new moon also marks the beginning of the lunar new year! This New Moon in Aquarius is going to be full of surprises. Hopefully with this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip, you can get some unexpected cash coming your way! It’s gonna require us to bend the rules a little bit, BUT the return on your investment in this little ritual will be BIG. And TOTALLY worth it!

In the hood, if you buy an ounce of weed, break it down & sell it by the gram, that’s called “flipping your money”. Over the summer I was inspired by the kids on my block who’d use their mother’s food stamp card to buy a pack of water & some bags of ice & then stand outside in the heat selling ice cold bottles of water to drivers passing by the intersection. That’s some smart shit. But I thought to myself “instead of flipping money between people, what about flipping money between yourself & the spirit realm?”

Each week I burn ancestor money for the members of my group Ancestor Money Gang. But burning ancestor money to our deceased loved ones is different than what I’m speaking about here. Instead of involving your ancestors, this ritual focuses solely on you & your highest self. This ritual empowers you to “flip money” magically.

Start with any denomination of REAL money. I personally don’t like working with $1 bills because I come from the school of thought “it takes money to make money”. So I believe the more you put in, the more you will get in return. So even at my most broke, I still never used anything less than a $5 bill. I like to use $20’s & above, preferably. But if all you’ve got is $1 to spare, don’t think that this won’t still be highly effective for you. Again it isn’t about the tools we use, but rather the INTENTION we set ourselves.

Once you have your bill cleansed with either a little sage, palo santo, or by spraying (lightly!) with Florida water or holy water, breathe on it. This puts your energy on the bill. Take a few deep breaths & put your “energetic stamp” on the bill with your breath. Then think of a dollar amount that you’d like to see this bill turn into. Be real with yourself & pick an amount that you think could be manifested within a year or so. I say this because you can do this ritual often. As often as you like, not just on a new moon. Now comes the part where we have to bend the rules a little bit. It’s technically illegal to deface money, but there’s ways around that by writing on the edges instead of across the bill. So I want you write down your desired amount on the edge of the bill. You also have the option at this time to dress your bill with a prosperity or money drawing oil of your choosing. Then flip your BIC & light that bill on fire to be flipped for you in the astral.

You can discard the ashes in the trash or keep them to be used in future prosperity rituals. Alternatively, instead of burning, you could spend the bill on anything that will help you gain your desired dollar amount. So you can spend it on supplies, a workshop, a book, new equipment, etc. Anything that will help you make the money. This ritual is also highly effective when you use money that’s been given to you. So circle back around to this article near your birthday & during holidays to do this ritual again for some extra coins. I’ll be doing this ritual myself sometime this weekend with my birthday money as I take another turn around the sun this Saturday 1/25. Harnessing all of this Aquarius energy! New year, new decade, new moon, NEW MONEY! Let’s get to the bag brujas!

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