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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 11/26/19

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius! It’s the 2nd to last New Moon of 2019, so let’s make sure we take care of ourselves as well as our bank accounts. When I think of Sagittarius energy, I think of fun, confidence & luxury. Celebs like Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Tyra Banks exude this type of Sag energy. My big sister Hadiyah, aka The Lady Storm is a Sag who’s taught me so much about self love & having confidence. She’s also a girl who loves nice things. I can’t think of a single Sagittarius I know that doesn’t try to surround themselves in luxury. And most of them aren’t shy about it either!

You ever heard the saying “it takes money to make money”? It’s one of my favorite sayings because it’s true. Two of the most important things I had to learn in my journey towards my financial goals is 1. that money is an energy that is easily manipulated & 2. I DESERVE IT. Luckily the Sag people in my life have always been great examples of this because they aren’t shy about rewarding or treating themselves on a regular basis and/or dropping coins on their dreams & aspirations. But why is that so hard for some of the rest of us to do? How can we overcome this mindset of “lack” that burdens us & creates blockages in reaching our goals? In two words: MINDFUL SPENDING.

With this New Moon in Sagittarius I want to help you guys begin practicing mindful spending. What is that? It’s spending with the intentions of self love & attracting abundance. Quite simply, STOP HOARDING YOUR CASH. When you hoard your money like you’re waiting on the apocalypse, you create negative dynamics around your cash flow. Too many of us get anxious when we find that perfect pair of shoes or the perfect lipstick shade but it wasn’t exactly on our to-do list. Some of us have only spent money our children, families, bills & the “big things”. But if money is energy, and all energy needs to be cleansed & purged at some point to keep a healthy cycle, that means we need to be purging a little from our wallets as well, right?

Mindful spending requires only two things: self love & faith. Practice this by treating yourself on a regular basis. Don’t be cheap about it either. Spend at least $20-$50 or more on yourself several times a month, or at least make the attempt to. Self love is the foundation of everything. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t think you’re enough, then why would the universe come raining blessings down on someone undeserving? The universe sees you how YOU see you.

It doesn’t matter what you buy, just pick something nice for yourself. Before you checkout, visualize or pray that the money returns to you. I promise it will. I like to make a ritual out of my mindful spending by paying in cash. I will anoint the bills with a prosperity oil & visualize the money coming back to me tenfold. Then I go to Sephora & do my thing.

There was a time when I was down & out early this year & I really didn’t have much. I wanted to go visit my sister because I was feeling low but I just didn’t really have the extra money to spend on Uber. I got up anyway & requested the ride as an act of self love because I needed my family. I just prayed & affirmed that the money would return to me. And it did before I even left her house to return home.

Over the spring & summer as my life & finances stabilized again, I was going thru my closet & realizing most of it was outdated, ill fitting or just not reflective of my current style. At the time, a new couch & a tv were at the top of my priority spending list because I wanted to start having my friends over more often. I chose self love over impressing my friends & spent the money on new clothes so I could feel more confident when I leave out the house. Cause when you look better, you feel better. At least it’s true FOR ME. That same week I made more than enough money to STILL get the new couch & tv I needed.

Mindful spending has ultimately changed my life for the better. I’m not saying, go out & spend your rent money on Balenciaga sneakers, but maybe take from your fast food budget & buy yourself a new perfume or some cute pajamas to lounge in. It’s all about self love & having faith that money returns to you. It’s ok if you’re truly struggling & counting pennies for gas money. We’ve all been there. Just count out some extra pennies to grab yourself a piece of candy while you’re at it. As with everything, it’s about INTENTION. It’s not about how much you spend per say. However, always know that the bigger the investment, the bigger the return.

With the holidays approaching, it’s super important to begin implementing mindful spending now. This is the time of year where self love & doing things for ourselves can sometimes take a back seat to our other engagements & obligations. Don’t forget to put yourself at the top of your priority list this season as seasonal depression is a very real thing. So while your holiday shopping, get yourself a gift as well. And remember you’re royalty & full of magick whether you have $1 to your name or $1 million. So make that money, but don’t let it make you!


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