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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 12/14/20

It’s the LAST New Moon of 2020. Man what a year! Congratulate yourself for making it thru such a rough one. This is typically the season when the brujeria & rootwork is plentiful. Everyone is usually making sure they set themselves up for abundance & success going into the new year, doing spells & rituals every week. The rootwork kicks up double time for most of us during the holiday season. But I know a lot of people are feeling burned out, not necessarily full of energy to do rituals & spells as usual. Just saving enough money & energy for our loved ones & trying to enjoy the holidays as safely as we can. It’s OKAY guys. Don’t be down on yourself. Even if you aren’t feeling the magic or need to take a little bruja break this winter season, you can still manifest & call in wealth & abundance with this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip.

You can use this tip for the New Moon, or you can wait until New Year’s Eve to do this to help bring you wealth, prosperity & opportunities in the new year. As always, any of my tips can be used in any season or during any moon phase. This month I’m going to share a recipe for a hoodoo money drawing dust. In hoodoo, dusts are made & meant to be used to sprinkle in or around your home. They are used for various reasons such as protection, money, love, attraction & more. The recipe I’m sharing with you guys is for prosperity. I like to call it “Fetti Confetti”. If you don’t have all of the ingredients listed below, feel free to add or substitute ingredients as you please. I always say this yet I still always receive dozens of comments & messages saying “What if I don’t have _____?” & “can I use _____ instead?”. I am no one’s spiritual mother or mentor. What I share with you guys is simply meant to be a GUIDE. An example. Never the end all, be all. So use your intuition, use what you have available & substitute or add things as YOU please. It’s YOUR magic. And that’s what makes it special.

Now let’s get to this recipe!

What You’ll Need:

-Ground Cinnamon (this is your base)


-Licorice Root





Optional Add-Ons:

-shards of money


-glitter (for intention & aesthetics. We all know glitter doesn’t do a damn thing. It just makes us FEEL good.)

*NOTE: You will likely want to skip adding any oils because this will eliminate the “dust” texture & things will get clumpy. But if you like it, I love it. At least you’ve been warned.*

First decide on how much you’re going to make. This will let you know how much ground cinnamon you need because that will be used as the base that you will add the other ingredients to. You can make enough to use for that day or make enough to save & use for later or whenever necessary. If you have a spice grinder or a mortar & pestle then you can grind up your herbs into a fine dust. Or you can simply put your ingredients into a bowl or jar & mix by hand. There’s no right or wrong here. Whether you choose to grind up your herbs into a fine dust or mix them by hand, you’ll still want to put your hands and/or fingers into your dust to bless it. You can either recite affirmations of wealth or you can pray Psalm 72 or another prosperity prayer that resonates with you.

Now I know you’re like “ok so now wtf do I do with it?” Easy. Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home. Yes, get yo a** up, go outside & sprinkle it around your house. If you live in an apartment, you can sprinkle your Fetti Confetti around the outside of the building you live in, outside the door of your unit or you can put your prosperity dust into a sachet bag & hang it on your door. If you’re putting your dust into a sachet bag, or if you have extra left over to use for later, make sure you sit your sachet bag or jar of leftover dust outside or on a windowsill during each New Moon to keep it charged with your intentions. If you’ve gone the traditional route & sprinkled your Fetti Confetti around the perimeter of your home, repeat this every New Moon or once every 90 days, as you please. This will help you to keep raking in the blessings all year long.

I am so proud of ALL of us for getting through such a rough year. I pray that each & every one of you guys reading this, chooses to continue to walk in your power into 2021 & beyond. I’m wishing abundance, peace, good health, love & joy to all. Happy holidays y’all!



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