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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 2/23/20

For February’s New Moon, I started out writing about a ritual that you can do to help manifest abundance but I know with Mercury in retrograde, a lot of y’all are gonna act scary! So I decided to shift focus & share something not as ritualistic but something that can still have a very powerful change in your life & environment. And bank account, of course.

One word: GRATITUDE. I talk about it all the time because it was a huge factor in regaining success & stabilizing my life. Taking the time out to express and/or show gratitude for your current circumstances, even if they aren’t the best, will create a major shift in your journey. When we talk about expressing gratitude though, sometimes that takes us on a somewhat unnecessary trip down memory lane, reflecting on all that we’ve been through & how far we’ve come.

In the past I’ve shared how gratitude for even my hardest times has elevated my consciousness & damn sure helped them money spells hit different. But this new moon instead of a trip down memory lane, I wanna take you guys on a rocket ship straight to a future dimension. Hopefully with this tip, a little faith & hella perseverance, you can get a clearer vision of your dream life & take a good leap into manifesting it. All beginning with GRATITUDE.

I want you to write a letter to your future self, one that’s living its best life, showing gratitude for your elevation, your life, all of the abundance & prosperity you’ve manifested. Y’all know I’m BOUGIE but I’m NOT materialistic so don’t focus on “things” too much. Focus on gratitude for the experience of your new life. Has your future self healed from past triggers, taking action on new business ideas, marrying the right person, buying a new home, traveling abroad often? What does your dream life look like? It’s best to take some time creating your vision before you begin to write your letter. As you’re writing, connect to the feelings of gratitude, security & peace. See your future self reflecting back on this moment as well.

You can keep your letter to re-read once you’ve manifested everything on it. Or you can burn it & discard the ashes however you choose to. I’d personally say, to just make this a journal entry so that you can have that beautiful moment of reflection in the future, when you stumble upon it again. If you really wanna move some energy, sleep with your letter underneath your pillow or keep it inside your wallet. Get crafty, get creative. As always, do what your intuition leads you to. YOU ARE THE MAGICK!

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