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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 3/24/20

Happy New Moon in Aries y’all! It’s time for another money manifestation tip! With this new moon in fiery Aries, and the world in its crazy state, I want to create some balance by using my favorite element, WATER. You guessed it, we’re finally talking about quantum jumping! You guys have damn near bullied me into writing this article, so pay attention!

I didn’t want to just share the basic knowledge of quantum jumping, also known as the “2 cup method” because there’s already so many articles & resources out there. As an eclectic witch, I like to also kind of do things MY OWN way as well. So I spent some time in thought & experimentation & now I’m ready to share with guys quantum jumping, Brujita style!

Let’s start with what IS quantum jumping? Well quantum jumping has been used by the most successful spiritualists & alchemists in their practice to help manifest their aspirations. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist & author, studied the molecular structure of water, as well as how that structure was effected by the human consciousness. He found that things like your thoughts, your words & music could cause a change in the molecular structure of the water itself.

Why is it also referred to as the “2 cup method”? Doesn’t that sound like a drinking game? Or is it just me? Well the 2 cup method is simply putting Dr. Emoto’s research into action. Jumping from one quantum to the other, by setting intentions with your water. The traditional method calls for 2 cups, each labeled. The first cup is labeled with your current state of being. The second cup is labeled with a future goal or aspiration. You fill the first cup with water & then pour it into your “manifestation cup”.

Doing this Brujita style, though, is gonna be a little different! If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ve probably heard the phrase “you are the magick”. It’s because I strive to help everyone uncover their most magickal self & access knowledge to help them feel more empowered & to have spiritual independence. Many of my blogs about rituals & spells always explain the importance of your intentions. The more intention, the more energy, the more power you put into something, the better your results.

So we’re gonna kick this 2 cup method into high gear by choosing cups that “match” our intentions. When quantum jumping, most people would simply grab any two cups, sometimes even disposable cups are used. But “Brujita style” quantum jumping requires you to think more critically about the vessel you put your water in. Since the first cup is representative of your current state of being, choose a cup that represents that. You might choose an old coffee mug or use a solo cup depending on where you are at in life. Your second cup, however, should be representative of where you wish to be in life. So you might choose something more fancy like a wine glass or open that box of fine china you inherited from your grandma & use one of those glasses. If your goal is associated to sports or music, peruse through Amazon & find a decorative cup to match your intentions.

I first thought of doing it this way after watching dozens of videos about quantum jumping. Most people used paper or plastic cups. The deeper I got into my spiritual journey & usage of the law of attraction, the more cringey it seemed to me to set a goal of $10k in savings account on a solo cup. To each its own, but to me, $10k in my savings account looked more like fine china. So that’s what I started using.

Start by labeling your first cup aka the “bad” cup with your present day state of being. For example, if you’re a barista & want to be a real estate investor, you’d write “working as a barista” on your first cup. Or if you are trying to manifest more money specifically, you’d write your current bank account balance or net worth. So for example you’d write “$958 in my checking account”. On your second, more fly & fancy cup, you’ll write your intentions as a present tense affirmation. So for example “I am a successful real estate investor” or “I have $10k in my bank account”. Fill the first cup with water & then pour that water into the second cup. Spend a minute (or a few!) visualizing and/or speaking your intentions over the water & then drink it.

I always recommend that you cleanse yourself & your tools with a little sage or palo santo before beginning any ritual or spell, even though many will not view quantum jumping as a ritual in itself. Clearing a little negative energy is always a good thing if you ask me. Continue to expand your consciousness & use this method to help you reach different goals. You can get funky & use different color labels to help set your intentions. Maybe yellow for a promotion, green for money, red for love. My suggestion is to keep the label on your “fancy” cup & begin drinking a glass of water from it each day & replacing the label as necessary. And then repeating the 2 cup method once you have reached your goal & are ready for the next one.

Make sure that when you use water, you also acknowledge our privilege in having clean water, a resource that even in 2020, so many people still don’t have access to. This mermaid is always going to encourage you to use water in your magick but to also do your part to help conserve clean water by taking more showers than baths & you can also donate to a clean water fund via the link below. Our physical bodies are made up of 80% water. We use water to cleanse, to read the future, to bless things. There’s no question that water is essential to both life AND magick!

Donate to a clean water fund!

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