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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 4/22/20

Word on the street is that you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored. Since the world has been put on house arrest, I’m pretty sure you’ve probably exhausted all of your fun options for “downtime” and you just might be feeling like you want to do something slightly more productive than hitting up your pantry for more Oreos. Or maybe this whole thing has you in a huge funk & you’re struggling to feel like being productive at all. I’m here to let you know that both feelings are totally ok. I would say it’s “normal” but we don’t really know her. Regardless, know that however you’re feeling right now is ok! But also know that I’m here to give you the necessary kick in the butt to elevate both your mood & your bank account.

This new moon I’m sharing a bath recipe that I like to call “Money On My Mind”. Have you been feeling bogged down? Lacking creativity? No desire to work? Running low on lucrative business ideas? As a solitary witch, my own lifestyle hasn’t changed very much, but with respect to those who’ve had their entire world shaken up, with this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip, I wanted to

share a ritual bath recipe that will not only boost your mood but also your tax bracket as well! I chose herbs that I figured most of you would have in your mini apothecaries at home & herbs easily found in grocery stores since most botanicas & metaphysical shops are closed except for online. This should help get you back on track at work, give you a boost of creative energy, mental clarity & also earning some extra CASH MONEY!


Florida Water

Money Moves Mystic Oil (or any other prosperity oil you like!)

Fennel seeds





Bay Leaves


Draw yourself a cool or room temperature bath & add all of these ingredients. Use your intuition to determine the amount of each ingredient you need. Stir the bath clockwise with your hand(s) & recite Psalm 61 three times, then soak for 15-20 minutes. Do not rinse. Air dry & try to get a good night’s rest.

Within the days after you take this bath, you can expect to be feeling much more productive, creative, hell, you might even think of an additional stream of income or two. You’ll have no problems diving into work mode & getting to the check! This bath is great for entrepreneurs & creatives who’ve gotten stuck in the funk of this pandemic but it’s also for the essential workers who need a “pick me up” to get through the work week or to feel energized enough to pick up some extra hours for overtime. This bath will get you going & also attract some EXTRA funds along the way!

WARNING: if you’re already a workaholic, this bath will have you on overdrive so BE READY!

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