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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 5/22/20

Whew chile, I can just SEE the energy hanging over people’s heads these days. The nervousness & anxiety. Between the current planetary retrogrades & being in a pandemic, even if you’re doing pretty alright in life, you might be feeling a little concerned about the future of your life. For many the primary concern beyond their health is their wealth & money flow. So for this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip, I wanna help by sharing a simple, beginner friendly meditation that will not only generate wealth but also help you to shift your focus towards a better future for yourself, and thus calming your worries. This meditation is to help you not just attract money, but to also help you to unlock & see the abundance that’s already within you.

Don’t you ever wish that you could step inside one of those money machine booths like they have on game shows that blow money everywhere & you have to catch as much as you can until it stops? With this meditation, hopefully I can help you step into your own personal money machine booth. The best thing about this one, though, it that it doesn’t have to stop! You’ll want to do this meditation laying down or sitting upright in a comfortable position. Start by getting yourself in a relaxed state by taking a few deep breaths. Spend as much time getting yourself relaxed as necessary. This meditation doesn’t have to be rushed. It’s suggested to do this meditation before bed so don’t worry about eventually falling asleep. Once you feel relaxed follow the guidance below:

-Focus your energy on your heart chakra & visualize a white light beaming 6 feet around you on all sides. Spend a few minutes being at peace within your own light. Keep your breathing relaxed.

-Focus your energy on your solar plexus chakra. See it’s gold light expanding & stabilize around you like a belt.

-Now visualize money, wealth & abundance coming to you. See piles of money blowing around & stacking up all around you, being sucked into your aura like you’re in a money machine. Open your mind as well & see the things you want being sucked into your aura too. Keys to a new home or car, signed paperwork for a business deal, receipts for paid off debts, a thick black credit card, maybe even an Hermès bag & a pair of Louboutins if that’s your steeze. Stay in your visual until the excitement surpasses & you feel a sense of calmness.

-Once you feel that calmness & stability, visualize your dream life & everything that entails. Your dream home, career, family life. What does a typical a day in your dream life look like? If nothing comes to you, don’t stress it. Let it come to you. You can always circle back & redo this meditation as often as you’d like.

The only thing you need to do after this meditation is to release your fears about money & keep manifesting your best life. It’s going to come in due time. Remember you can’t rush a masterpiece! And your life is just that. So keep the magick going & make sure you keep your self love flowing! Stay grounded, stay positive & remember YOU ARE THE MAGICK!

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