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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 7/19/20

Happy New Moon y’all! With this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip, I want to set you up for success for these remaining days of Cancer season & invite the energy of PROSPERITY as we enter Leo season. Every month I give you guys affirmations & rituals but we’ve yet to talk about PREPARATION before your rituals & meditations. Sure we know how to smoke cleanse our tools & clear the energy in the room with some sage or palo santo (if you don’t, check out the blog link below). But once we’ve cleared & cleansed out all that negative energy from our tools & the room we’ll be casting our spells in, we can’t forget the importance of hitting the energetic reset button before we get started with our rituals. Now there’s lots of ways to tune the energy of a room, but this month, I want to share with you a quick & easy recipe for your very own MONEY MIST, a room spray to bring in the energies of wealth & abundance.

What You’ll Need:

-a spray bottle

-an odd number of cinnamon sticks



-pot of boiling water

-*optional* an few drops of Money Moves Mystic Oil (or any other money drawing oil you choose)

-*optional* essential oils for scent

Start by bringing your pot of water to a boil. I want you to use your intuition in deciding how much water you will use. I recommend that you start with a small amount or an amount that you can easily transfer into your spray bottle. Once the pot of water reaches a boil, hold your herbs in your hands & pray Psalm 23 (119 & 72 are good too!) then place them into the water & allow the mixture to steep. At this point you can also add a few drops of money drawing oil to amp it up and/or your favorite essential oils to enhance the scent. Use your intuition to determine how long you should steep it. Trust in yourself & move with confidence. The only way you can mess this up is if you let all the water evaporate. And we know you aren’t gonna do that, so don’t even trip.

Once you’ve steeped your herbs, allow the pot & water to cool down then strain the herbs out & pour the newly blessed water into your spray bottle. If you skipped out on adding the oils, you can drink this as an abundance tea while it’s still warm. Use this to spray the room AFTER you’ve burned sage, palo santo or other herbs to cleanse negative energy. You can also spray your candles & the spiritual tools you’ll be using for your money rituals. Use it to anoint the back of your neck & temples before wealth building meditations or spray your meditation pillow with it. Keep your spray in the fridge & it should last you about a week or two. I like to use mine in my studio & around my desk to keep my productivity levels up. The uses are plentiful & so are the blessings that come from using it!

*DISCLAIMER* If you need to make modifications to this recipe or any of my other rituals that I post due to the resources available to you (ex: using a different herb, using a microwave, etc) please feel free to use your intuition & do whatever feels best TO YOU. I share these rituals & tips to INSPIRE you & to act as a guide. Magick is not black & white. Everyone’s magick is different. Only YOU can decide what feels best FOR YOU.


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