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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip: 7/31/19

Whew. I don’t know about y’all, but I know this Mercury retrograde was a rough one for me. As Mercury stations herself to move direct, we also have a New Moon in Leo occurring tonight as well. Leo energy is effortlessly powerful & regal. So let’s tap into that Leo energy to reclaim our time & power over our finances.   

For the last new moon, we focused on removing the clutter from our wallets to make room for abundance. Now it’s time to begin decluttering our minds as well. This New Moon Money Manifestation Tip is a simple ritual that anyone, regardless of where you’re at in your spiritual journey, can do easily (and privately!) at home. No candles, herbs or oils needed!

      With Mercury retrograde coming to an end & the New Moon in Leo flowing in, I want you to focus on releasing negative energy & reprogramming your mind. So I want you to get a piece of paper. Do not rip it from notebook & do not use paper that’s already been written on. I like to use a brown paper bag for this. You can also use colored paper (green or yellow would be effective for this ritual).

      Write down your fears about money. It doesn’t matter whether they are short term fears (like not being able to pay rent next month or not having enough money to repair your car) or long term fears (not leaving an inheritance for your family, your business failing or not being able to pay off debts). Try to write down at least 3-5 things but leave room at the bottom for a short affirmation.     

At the bottom of your paper, write down this affirmation, followed by your full name & date of birth:

“I am enough. My wants & needs are always taken care of. I always have more than enough money.” 

A simple yet powerful & potent set of words. Now carefully rip the top portion of your paper off separating your listed fears from your new proclamation. You can burn the list of fears or rip it up & flush it down the toilet. This is representative of your fears being ripped away from you & signals your subconscious to do just that. Also writing down your fears helps you to visually see where you may be causing yourself unnecessary anxiety towards your career & finances.

     For the next 3 nights, sleep with your positive affirmation underneath your pillow. If you have a nosy partner on the other side of the bed, slide it into your pillowcase, put it behind your headboard or underneath the mattress. You’ve removed the clutter of fear from your subconscious so you’ve got to replace it with some optimism. Words are spells, so sleeping with this affirmation communicates to your highest self to deliver & guide you to make this affirmation a reality. You can also recite it in the morning for added emphasis.

      Take back your power over your finances by taking back power over your fears & mindset. I often talk about the energy of “lack” because in my eyes, it’s like the bubonic plague, except it’s an illness that infects the wealth & wellbeing of black people & POC. Our people were once kings & queens, so abundance is our birthright.  The energy of lack effects everyone but especially us because most of us were born without trust funds & inheritances in this lifetime. We don’t get the same job opportunities. Our businesses are always the most likely to fail. I want to help change that. But that change starts from WITHIN. We change our mindset, we change our future. 

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