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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 8/18/20

Have you ever looked at your favorite celebrity or a friend who’s on the “come up” & think to yourself “wow that’s what dreams are made of”. It’s just an expression for most but for the spiritually conscious, we know that our dreams can actually not only be prophetic visions of the future but also be a place where our highest self, ancestors & spirit guides can plant little seeds of guidance on how to get to our goals as well. Sometimes our goals can seem so big & we might lack a bit of faith that our goals are achievable. This month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip will not only boost your confidence, but it will also help you to start taking some action towards turning your dreams into a reality.

All you’ll need for this ritual meditation is yourself, a tea light candle, your favorite self love & prosperity oils & your bed or a comfortable place to sleep. Wait until you’re truly a bit sleepy to go ahead & begin this ritual meditation as it’s best to fall asleep into it. You’re going to wake up feeling more refreshed, confident & be able to make sure you’re on the right path towards your financial goals.

Start by cleansing the tea light candle & then dressing it with both your chosen self love & prosperity oils. I recommend that you only use one of each. You can use my Love Thyself & Money Moves Mystic Oils or any others that you like. The real juju is in your subconscious so we’re diving in there for the magick to manifest your new life. Place your candle at your bedside or next to wherever you’re sleeping for the night. Sometimes I like to lay on my couch when doing sleep meditations like this so my cat doesn’t jump on the bed waking me up & disturbing me on my astral journey.

Light your candle & then put a drop of your self love oil on your LEFT temple & then put a drop of your prosperity oil on your RIGHT temple. This helps to balance the energy of your mind & subconscious to be open to receiving self love, confidence & wealth. Money is an energy that is easily manipulated but it is ONLY easily manipulated when you aren’t worrying about it & when you are loving yourself. These aren’t just my own opinions, that’s spiritual law. Just ask any legitimate rootworker or healer & they’ll tell you the same. Self love & confidence not only helps with your money manifestations, but it helps with literally EVERYTHING else too, whether it be love, friendship, healing or otherwise. Self love is the foundation for everything you want to manifest. Without that strong foundation, just like a house, your blessings & manifestations can come tumbling down. Manifesting money without putting some self love behind it only creates instability & flaky funds. So, in my Yung Miami voice “Ion like det.” And neither should you!

Rub your oils into your temples while reciting this affirmation: “I am living my dream life. I have everything I could ever want & I am deserving of this life.” Recite this affirmation at least 3x. If beginning this ritual gives you a little jolt of energy & all of sudden you’re not feeling sleepy anymore, just keep reciting the affirmation & gently rubbing your temples until you relax again. Once you’re feeling relaxed, visualize your biggest financial goal. Don’t focus on the actual dollars & scents, but rather focus on the EXPERIENCE you expect to have in your life once this financial goal has been reached. It may take you a few times to get this part right & that’s ok. I recommend that you sit with yourself prior to beginning this ritual meditation & try to piece together your vision before you begin. Think about what you really want in life. Take a look at your vision boards for inspiration. Know that if your vision changes or your actual goal changes, that’s ok too! Your goals will evolve just like you are evolving as a person & spiritual being. The point is to focus on the experience of what your dream life looks like to you. You might be in Lagos or the Caribbean on vacation, you might be wearing a 3-piece suit sitting on a private jet, or maybe you’re at a speaking engagement or concert performing in front of hundreds of people. Or maybe your house is simply paid off, redecorated well & your kids are bringing home good grades. Your dreams & aspirations are never too big or too small. Allow yourself to fall asleep into this meditation & let the tea light candle burn out. You can discard the candle in your trash in the morning.

You’ll definitely want to keep a journal close by or have your phone ready to make a voice memo when you wake up because you’ll want to log any dreams you have after this meditation. Your ancestors or spirit guides might give you some guidance on how to make that dream a reality & you wouldn’t wanna forget anything. I recommend that you do this ritual meditation for three nights in a row. Especially if you’re a person who has high anxiety when it comes to financial matters.

In the days after this meditation, you should be feeling much more confident, more in control of your finances & career. You can expect ideas to start flowing & opportunities will begin presenting themselves in divine timing. Feel free to repeat this ritual meditation as often as you’d like, even if it’s not during a new moon. Your dreams after this meditation may become prophetic or you may see a spirit guide or ancestor. However don’t worry if you don’t receive any messages from spirit in your dreams as that’s not what this is for. This ritual meditation is to help clear your worries about money, increase your confidence & set a foundation for you to make better business & career decisions that will support you in your journey to making your dreams a reality. This meditation allows you to tell your subconscious “hey bitch, this is what I want. Show me how to get there!” So all you have to do is decide just exactly what you want out of life & then trust yourself to go & get it!

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