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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 8/30/19

This New Moon I want us to focus on breaking cycles that have been created by our parents & their parents & so on. It’s time to break generational curses centered around attaining wealth.

How often have we heard “ain’t nobody got money for that” or “that’s only for rich folks” growing up? I didn’t necessarily grow up on section 8 & food stamps but these phrases sounded like a broken record in my household growing up. Buying the actual named brand Fruit Loops instead of “fruity o’s” or “tropical loops” was considered a luxury during my childhood. When I was around 12 years old my Aunt May gave me a Coach purse for Christmas. I always looked forward to gifts from my Aunt May because they were usually expensive things that my mother couldn’t afford. Her & my mother argued about it for months afterwards. My mom said it was too luxurious of an item for a child. When in actuality it was the perfect size to fit my school ID, pencils, lunch money & my favorite lip smackers & also something sturdy & durable enough to make it thru the school year. Yet my mother could only focus on the price tag. My Aunt May passed away in 2018 but the gifts she’s continued to give me from the spiritual realm have been PRICELESS.

In my adulthood, I realized just how much small situations like this from my childhood were creating BIG blockages in my ability to manifest wealth. So this new moon, we’re gonna do a simple writing exercise that has changed my life.

This isn’t gonna involve candles or oils so I’m sorry to break your bruja hearts this month. But what this will do for your mind & your bank account, you’ll be thanking me for years to come.

Start by writing down all of the annoying, negative or less than positive comments about money & wealth that your parents, grandparents or whoever raised you used to say as you were growing up. Write down even the little tidbits of advice they gave you about money.

Now what I want you to do is write down more positive, wealth affirming statements to combat whatever your parents used to say. You may find that some things are already very positive & wealth affirming already, but a lot us will be lifting the cloak to see just how our parents have deposited “lack energy” into our subconscious thoughts & feelings.

Things like “that’s only for rich folks” can be detrimental to you having a conscious understanding that luxury is your birthright & that you deserve to have nice things. So turn “that’s only for rich folks” to “all levels of luxury are available to me because I am deserving”. Turn “we ain’t got no McDonald’s money” into “I have more than enough money to enjoy take out whenever I please.” Instead of saving money for a “rainy day”, say “I save money for unforeseen circumstances that do not affect nor diminish my level of wealth”. Keep these affirmations somewhere close by writing them on post it notes that you stick around your bathroom mirror or write them on a vision board. Reference back to them often. Especially when you’re feeling anxious between paychecks or feeling any kind of stress about your finances.

This exercise will help you to see where you’ve been subconsciously programmed to accept being broke & not having enough to spend at your leisure. Our parents aren’t bad people, they’re just from working class households where a lot of our grandparents & great grandparents suffered through The Great Depression & have seen dramatic ups & down in their financial status. Not to mention a lot of our ancestors were slaves who became free & had to start their lives from the ground up. But YOU are armed with an optimistic mindset & ancestral wisdom to overcome these generational issues with attaining & maintaining wealth. Let’s birth a new generation thats not swimming in debt or stressed out by bills. May this generation be birthed thru the rebirth of your consciousness! Asé Asé Asé O!


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