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New Moon Money Manifestation Tip 9/17/20

Happy New Moon in Virgo! Spending a lot of time indoors this year has forced a lot of to us to go within & focus on our goals. Even for those of us who display the most unwavering faith, sometimes it’s difficult to keep that faith when your circumstances aren’t mirroring anything close to your ideal reality. You might be manifesting a million dollar mansion in a tiny studio apartment or California dreaming outside of a Brooklyn bodega. Whether you’re trying to manifest a new job, more clients for your business or simply some new furnishings for your lovely abode, this month’s New Moon Money Manifestation Tip will anoint both your home & your bank account with an abundance of blessings. No candles or herbs needed. All you’ll need is a few dollar bills, your favorite prosperity oil & the roof that’s already over your head. Let’s get cozy & get some coins.

This money manifestation tip is great even if you don’t have the privacy at home to do rituals, or if you have a partner or family member that is nosey or judgmental. You’ll want to have a $1 bill for every room that is inside your home. So your bedroom(s), living room, dining room, bathroom(s) & basement or attic. One for each room. To make this more effective, you can choose higher denominations of bills. So $5s, $10s & 20s will work better but I do recommend you that start small. I’ll explain why, later.

Make sure you smoke cleanse your bills with some sage or palo santo to clear the energy of its previous users before doing this. Once your bills are ready, anoint each of them with my Money Moves Mystic Oil or any other prosperity or money drawing oil you prefer. Once your bills have been anointed, you can pray Psalm 23 over them, or you can recite a wealth generating affirmation over them to bless them.

Now it’s time to hide the bills. Yes, just like our grandmas & aunties used to do, HIDE THE MONEY! Hide one bill in each room. Leave it somewhere where it won’t be touched or disturbed. Inside of an old book, tucked behind a photo in a picture frame, taped inside your cabinet or underneath your sink, the bottom of a old shoe box in your closet. Anywhere hidden will do. Allow your intuition to guide you. Don’t worry if you live with family or roommates & you’re concerned about them finding it. If you want or need to confine this to one room in your home, simply modify this by hiding one bill in each corner of the room.

Placing these bills all over the home evokes a circle (or square, if you’re more geometrical, than metaphorical) of wealth around you & your home. It’ll start to get easier to pay the bills, more wealth & an abundance of blessings will begin to find you. Just don’t touch those bills! Leave em right where they’re at! Once a year, replace them & increase the denominations. This is why I suggested to start out with a smaller denomination even if you do have dreams of being a big baller, shot caller one day.

If any of your bills get lost or stolen, simply bless a new bill & replace it. I also recommend that you do this ritual on a day when your home is clean both physically & spiritually. Bust out the Fabuloso, Florida Water & your sage bundle to make sure your home is prepared to receive the new blessings you’re gonna be bringing in. You can get creative with this & write prayers and/or affirmations on your bills. As always, use your intuition & trust yourself. My tips & rituals are never the end all, be all, but rather just a basic blueprint for you to build & expand upon. Oh & I know you’re also probably thinking about what you should do with the old bills every year when you replace them with new bills. My answer: TREAT YOURSELF. Go buy yourself something nice, you deserve it!

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