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Self Healing Savvy November 2018

Mental Health Care Tip of the Month is now #SelfHealingSavvy. My goal has always been to use my knowledge to assist others in using metaphysics to help shift their energy to help cope & overcome mental illnesses while creating a sense of spiritual independence. So instead of giving you guys tips on herbs & practices to include your routines, I will be giving you more in depth & detailed how-to’s on self healing rituals, spiritual baths & meditations. We’re all different & mental illness effects each of us differently. I firmly believe that engaging in self healing is a necessary & vital part of the coping & recovery process. So with these monthly rituals, you will learn how to keep your energy cleansed & balance, how to address & release your triggers, protect yourself against invasive energies & promote more positive thinking. As you guys know, I LOVE ritual baths! That’s my area of specialty so for this month’s #SelfHealingSavvy ritual, I’m going to share with you a simple & easy purification bath. In many instances, as spiritual beings, our anxieties are easily triggered when our energy gets clogged up. That can happen due to picking up low energy from the people we’re around, mental stress, lack of relaxation, among a plethora of other things. This powerful, yet simple purification bath can be done as a biweekly cleansing and/or before other rituals or spells. It’s recommended to take this bath before bed or during an evening when you won’t be going back out of the home. It will be best to simply relax into slumber or a meditation after this bath.

What You’ll Need: Goat’s Milk (or coconut milk) White Flowers (any kind is fine) Fresh Basil Epsom Salt (Optional: you can supercharge this bath with self love energy & intentions by using Love Thyself Ritual Bath Salts) Empty Jug or Bottle

Start by cleansing & smudging yourself, your tools & your home with sage, palo santo or any other cleansing herbs. Draw a bath of cool to room temperature water. In an empty jug, mix the goats milk (or coconut milk) with the white flowers and basil. Replace the cap on the jug or bottle & pray Psalms 17 & 23 while shaking it up. Pour the epsom salts & the milk bath mixture into your bath water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. This bath is especially effective when you have been feeling very low, anxious or depressed. If you’re prone to heavy and/or frequent anxiety attacks, take this bath biweekly or even weekly to help alleviate some of your symptoms by keeping your energy cleansed & purified. After your bath, it’ll be best to sleep in white or light colored clothing (white representing purification & light colors help repel low, dark energy). Protect your energy during this time by avoiding watching violent or negative TV shows & movies. Instead, relax by reading a book, write in your journal, do a meditation, or fall asleep listening to relaxation music or nature sounds. Whether you’re a beginner bruja/o/x or a seasoned practitioner with clientele, by incorporating this bath, along with the other rituals, baths & meditations coming in future months, ANY & EVERYONE can begin to feel spiritually independent & #SelfHealingSavvy.

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