15 pieces of joss paper, also known as ancestor money. Ships in 5-10 business days (Mon-Fri).


What is ancestor money? Why & how should I burn it? 

*Burning joss paper, also known as ancestor money is a ritual offering to give “money” to your ancestors in the spiritual realm. It allows them to get what they need within that realm & is also an act to repay outstanding debts left behind at the time of their passing. 

*Burning ancestor money regularly can help to improve your finances, career, love life & the overall quality of your life.

*You do not need to have an ancestor altar to burn ancestor money. 

*You do not need to know the names of any specific ancestors to burn ancestor money.

DIRECTIONS: You can burn one or multiple pieces at a time, let your intuition guide you. Recite a prayer from your heart or choose a psalm to pray to your ancestors (speak to them like they’re right there in front of you! You don’t have to be all formal & stiff. These are YOUR ancestors, not some random Gods & Goddesses in the sky, y’all!). Then light your ancestor money & burn it in a fire safe dish. You can save the ashes for ancestral rituals or discard out in nature or in the trash.

Ancestor Money