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Brujita’s rituals are GROUP rituals. Your proof of payment is confirmation of your inclusion to the service.

This is a service done entirely PRIVATELY. Instead of there being a group call or video, there will be a collective spiritual message & sigil posted on Instagram for participants to utilize any way you wish.

Available rituals will have the date of the ritual next to it. Submissions for all rituals close at 10pm Eastern Time on the date that is listed next to them. The collective spiritual message & sigil will be posted the next day.

Please leave your full name in the “Add Note” that appears at checkout if you are paying online. In the event that you forget, please send it via email to

Additional Payment Methods:

CashApp $BadAndBrujita

Venmo @BadAndBrujita


*Due to these being group rituals, individual petitions are NOT accepted, unless otherwise stated.*

CORD CUTTING- FRIDAY JUNE 28TH- This ritual is to break & sever emotional & energetic ties to what no longer serves you. Great for releasing bad habits, moving on after breakups and/or healing past traumas inflicted by others. *No sigil is posted for this ritual*

CROWN OF SUCCESS- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for general success & good luck. Manifest a new job, a promotion or raise, more clients to your business, more favorable contracts & business deals, better returns on your investments. Great for those who need some good luck in gambling, securing deals or starting a new business or job.

NEW MOON PROSPERITY- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is an opportunity for you to help increase your prosperity and money flow without having to do a ritual on your own. By purchasing this service, your name will be included in a general petition for prosperity in a candle ritual done upon the new moon.

LOVE THYSELF- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for stress relief, self love, empowerment & a powerful self esteem boost. Get back to feeling like your best self & enter a new phase of self discovery. You’ll be feeling like a God/Goddess in no time.

MONEY MOVES- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for abundance, wealth & prosperity. Whether you work a 9-5, have your own business or make investments, this ritual will give you the necessary boost in finances & cash flow that you need. Get a promotion or raise, bring in better business and/or make more lucrative investments. This ritual will help you to also uncover new opportunities to make money as well.

HOLY HEATHEN- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for general healing & cleansing. This ritual will promote the healing of your emotional traumas & a peaceful mental state, while cleansing you of low vibrational energies, hexes, curses & jinxes.

B*TCH DON’T KILL MY VIBE- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for block busting, banishment & grounding. This will help you to break through any personal & external blockages that you’re facing, banish negative energy, while also helping to keep you grounded & in good spirits. *No sigil is posted for this ritual*

RED LIGHT SPECIAL- TUESDAY JUNE 25TH- This ritual is for passion, sex & lust. Turn up the volume in your sex life by clearing sexual blockages and inviting in the energy of sexual freedom & liberation. This ritual is all about The O experience, shedding your insecurities, releasing your sexual inhibitions, enhancing sexual experiences with your existing partner and/or attracting NEW sexual partners. *THIS IS NOT A LOVE SPELL*

SUGA TRAP- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for attraction & sweetening. This ritual will invite new blessings of sweetness, affection & abundance. Perfect if you are looking for more attention, a generous lover, wanting your existing partner & others around you to be kinder, sweeter & more generous to you. This makes you like a magnet for positivity & generosity.

STAY STRAPPED- SUBMISSIONS CLOSED- This ritual is for supreme protection. This will give you protection from hexes, curses, evil eye, jealousy & dark spirits.

NOTE: Collective spiritual messages for the group rituals will be posted on the @BadAndBrujita Instagram page on the day of or the day after the rituals are set to take place. If you miss the spiritual message, it will NOT have any affect on your results from the ritual. The messages are posted to simply give you some advice from spirit on how to maximize your results.

Brujita’s Group Rituals

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