Wear my mystic oils on your pulse points for a daily dose of magick, or use them in your rituals, to dress your candles, add to your massage oils, use in a tealight candle burner or add a few drops to your bath. The ways you can use these oils are endless. Get creative & use your intuition! These oils are designed for people who already KNOW what they’re doing & want to feel confident in their magick. Size: 2oz. Available in both scented & unscented. Ships in 5-10 business days (Mon-Fri).

* Love Thyself- Self Love (rose & lemon scent)

* Money Moves- Prosperity/Money Drawing (cinnamon spice & amber scent)  

* B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe- Grounding & Repels Negative Energy (coffee scent)

* Red Light Special- Sex/Lust/Passion (sweet floral scent)

*Tha Suga Trap- Attraction & Compelling (sweet candy & floral scent)

*Stay Strapped- Protection (clean & woodsy scent)

*Holy Heathen- Healing, Cleansing & Peace (unscented)

Mystic Oils