*PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING* Intuitive tarot & oracle card readings. I am a clairvoyant empath with inherited spiritual gifts. Readings are conducted by phone Monday-Friday 11am-9pm Eastern Time. Subject to availability. Leave your phone number in the “Add Note” that appears at checkout. You will be sent a private booking link within 1-3 business days to schedule your appointment. For clients requiring a non-disclosure agreement, please email BadAndBrujita@gmail.com prior to booking online. 


GENERAL- General advice & predictions on life, love & career.

LOVE- advice & predictions on love life matters including relationships & sex.

CAREER- advice & predictions on career & financial matters.

ANCESTRAL GUIDANCE- advice from YOUR ancestors on breaking generational curses surrounding love, life & career matters.

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING- advice & direction on personal development & connecting with your spirituality. 

PAST LIFE- learn about who you were in a past life & what lessons from that lifetime are prevalent to you today. 

DREAM ANALYSIS- learn about the deeper meanings behind your troublesome or confusing dreams & what messages your ancestors and/or spirit guides are trying to convey to you. 

CONSULTATION- “I need a spell for.....” (PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT assist in hexing or cursing another individual, court case workings or domination type love bindings)

Q&A- a 30 minute question & answer session where you can pick my brain about anything. Ask how to set up your altar, spiritual cleansing, spell tips, etc. This is for those who have specific questions concerning spirituality & need additional help. The blanket question “how I do I get started?” is not a valid question for this type of session. Please come with specific questions otherwise your session will be converted to a Spiritual Awakening Reading. 

***Topics I will NOT cover for Q&A sessions: Hexing/Cursing, Love Reconciliations and/or Bindings, DEITIES, African Traditional Religions

Readings & Consultations