Use my ritual bath soaps for a dose of magick prior to your rituals or use daily in the shower or bath. My soaps are made with a rich, detergent-free coconut milk base. Simply lather & rinse as you would with your normal soaps. Ships in 5-10 business days (Mon-Fri).

Holy Heathen- Cleansing & Grounding. This SUPER powerful 9-herb cleansing & grounding ritual bath soap is great even for your daily purification. Wash off negative energy, evil eye energy, curses & jinxes. Unscented. *WARNING* do not drink alcohol within the first 8 hours after using.

Love Thyself- Self Love. Just the self esteem boost you need! Wash away the low vibrational energy that causes anxiety & depression & kick up your confidence with this uplifting rose & lemon scented ritual bath soap. 

Money Moves- Prosperity. You don’t dance now, you make money moves! Tap into the next level of wealth & luxury with this cinnamon spice & amber scented ritual bath soap.

B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe- Negative Energy Repellant & Grounding. Wash away & repel negative energy, keep your mood uplifted & feel grounded when you use this coffee scented ritual bath soap. 

Red Light Special- Lust/Sex/Passion. Have uninhibited, explosive sexual encounters & heighten passion & lust in new or existing lovers with this sweet floral scented ritual bath soap.

Tha Suga Trap- Attraction & Compelling. Use this for general attraction & to compel others around you to be caring, courteous & generous. Attract sugar, spice & everything nice with this deliciously sweet candy & floral scented ritual bath soap.

Stay Strapped- Protection. Use this for powerful protection against evil eyes, jealousy, hexes, curses, jinxes, witchcraft, illness, accidents & other unfortunate occurrences with this clean & woodsy scented ritual bath soap.

Ritual Bath Soap