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This set includes all 7 of the signature collection of Enchanted Perfume Oils. Includes (7) 10ml bottles. All orders ship within 3-7 business days (Mon-Fri).

Bring the energy of divinity to your daily life, meditations & rituals with my enchanted perfume oils. Each one has a different intention & scent to help you achieve your manifestations.

What Is An Enchanted Perfume Oil?

First I begin a meditation journey with my ancestors & spirit guides to develop a precise recipe for the oil, which includes a varying different amount of plants & herbs associated with the desired intention. From there I begin a process of spiritual cleansing & preparation. The oils are blended based upon the recipes my ancestors & spirit guides have provided and enchanted through prayers & rituals. Once these steps have been completed, the enchanted perfume oils then cure for several weeks before becoming available for purchase. Enchanted Perfume Oils also have a higher percentage of fragrance than a standard mystic oil, so the scent payoff is a bit stronger & lasts much longer on the skin.

Tips For Usage:

-Wear as a daily or special occasion scent to help you manifest & achieve your desires.

-Anoint your candles, candle wicks, ritual tools, altar, objects and/or home

-Remove the roller cap & add to your baths, shampoos, hand/body washes, lotions, or massage oils

-Get creative, use your intuition & come up with new ways to use your enchanted perfume oil


LOVE THYSELF: Intentions for self love & empowerment. It has notes of rose, lemon & cedarwood.

MONEY MOVES: Intentions for prosperity & wealth. It has notes of cinnamon, spearmint & brown sugar.

B*TCH DON’T KILL MY VIBE: Intentions for repelling negative energy, grounding & good vibrations. It has notes of coffee, cocoa powder & vanilla.

RED LIGHT SPECIAL: Intentions for sex & lust. It has notes of jasmine, hibiscus & rose.

SUGA TRAP: Intentions for compulsion, sweetening & attraction. It has notes of raspberry, caramel & musk.

STAY STRAPPED: Intentions for supreme protection. It has notes of sea water, lavender & sandalwood.

HOLY HEATHEN: Intentions for harmony, healing & peace. It has notes of cotton, powder & musk.

Signature Collection Bundle

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