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7 Signs That Someone is Working Brujeria On Your Life (and how to get rid of it)

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Let's face it. Just about all of us have dealt with haters and/or petty people. Just because someone is spiritual, doesn’t mean that they aren’t childish or petty. We live in a world where people pride themselves on their ability to “throw shade” and be “petty”. But what happens when a “petty” person takes things to the next level and tries to throw brujeria on you? Hexing and cursing is a lot more common amongst the spiritual and conscious community than one might think. For the novice witch, the possible threat of dark magick against them can be a very scary and uncomfortable feeling. For the more seasoned bruja or brujo, someone throwing bad juju at them is nothing more serious than getting a little bit of cat hair on their black clothing. For either, it’s imperative to know what signs to look for when someone pulls out their magick pistol on you. Even I myself have had my fair share of mala brujeria thrown at me. So I’ve created a list of seven ways you may be alerted that a Petty Patricia is throwing dark energy at you:

  1. Unexplained illness. This is one of the most common occurrences as a result of a hex or curse. Unexplained allergic reactions are very prevalent. Also take heed if you suddenly get a case of food poisoning after you eat at your favorite taco spot for the 3rd time this week. It could just be old cheese or it could be a jealous bruja.

  2. Skin Breakouts. Different than an unexplained illness. If you don’t normally have issues with your skin and if you haven’t changed anything in your diet or routine, breaking out can be your skin’s way of alerting you of what’s going on behind the scenes. Also, it’s highly typical for women to focus on vanity and try to diminish their competition’s beauty. Grab some tea tree oil for the blemishes and light up your sage bundle sis.

  3. Arguing with loved ones. If you and your loved ones start arguing like cats and dogs, first check out any planetary influences. I, personally, argue with my mother every other time Mercury is in retrograde so I know there’s no bad juju to blame for that. Once you check out that situation, get a reading to see if someone has been conjuring up some foul play. Especially if you’ve been arguing with a lover and you know they have what I like to call “fans” aka people who want to be in your position. Even if you’re married, please believe there are plenty of moral-less people out here who will work magick on a married man or woman to make them get divorced. Stay woke.

  4. Business endeavors go sour and/or your finances start depleting. Notice when your career or business is thriving and out of nowhere you reach a slow period. You start getting less customers or you have difficulty closing deals. Or when you’re making the same amount of money as you always have, but suddenly you have issues keeping track of your budget. This could also be affected by planetary alignments but this is also another popular way that enemies like to pursue an attack on their targets. Beauty, finances & relationships are the most common roots of jealousy and baneful magick.

  5. You are being followed or attacked by bugs. This can include any type of bug or insect such as bees, ants, spiders, moths, mosquitoes etc. They can be sent from your enemy, but they also can be your ancestors or spirit guides trying to reach out to you to alert you of the dark energy being sent in your direction. Find out if the deities you work with have any bug or insect representation (for example, Oshun is represented by honey bees, Esu is represented by spiders).

  6. Miscellaneous unnecessary inconveniences. This includes a wide array of things that happen to you for little to no reason and occur frequently. For example, you’re on time for work but your Uber cancels for no reason causing you to be late, the bus or train you always take arrives early so you miss it or arrives hours later than scheduled, a product you ordered arrives broken or damaged despite the quality of packing or it doesn’t arrive at all, objects in your home randomly break, having issues with sending and receiving emails, you go out to eat & your food isn’t prepared properly. These are things that could easily just be seen as life happening but these are also minor inconveniences that happen in the beginning stages when someone is working against you.

  7. Depression and anxiety. If your depression or anxiety worsens with little cause or if you’re not a person who struggles with your mental health but suddenly you become excessively overwhelmed. You may even feel lifeless or suicidal. These are signs that you may be under psychic attack. Don’t be afraid to seek therapy to overcome your issues while you work behind the scenes to get that bad juju up off you.

If one or all of these things are happening to you, don’t worry. A lot of times it’s just life or crazy planetary alignments. It’s important to make sure you use divination to determine if it’s just a series of unfortunate events or if it is indeed caused by baneful magick. Seek out the help of another practitioner if necessary. If you determine it is mala brujeria, go back to your divination tools or practitioner to figure out what can be done for cleansing. There’s many ways to cleanse or banish that energy. You can start by saging the energy in your home and personal items. You can take a bath with sea salt, coconut milk, and/or sage. You can look up some cleansing herbs & put them together in a bath & dress a candle with the herbs to release that energy. In my metaphysical shop, you’ll find Holy Heathen Ritual Bath Soap, that you can use to cleanse off all the negative juju. You can use B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe & Stay Strapped soaps & mystic oils to help repel negative energy & protect you as well. Click here to view ----->

Don’t let a bad root continue to grow and stop you from flourishing. Focus your intentions on removing that energy instead of figuring out how to return it to your enemy. Sometimes it’s worth it and other times not. Pick your battles wisely so you don’t end up in a hoodoo ping pong match. As always, do what’s necessary to take care of your physical, spiritual and mental health. Protect your energy at all costs. Asé.


Lupita Rojas
Lupita Rojas
Oct 30, 2023

Yes I am Hispanic and I have a sister that has hated me all my life she has a close close friend that is a witch doctor he went to Mexico cause that's where he's from.he has lived with my sister and her family for wow soooo long he gives me the creeps and so has my sister I've never felt comfortable around her she is Avery evil person she told me that she put a brujería on her man to keep him from leaving her it's called un Amarré in English it's meant tied together until death do u part well one day I was talking to my sister on the phone and all if a sudden she took…


Nov 17, 2021

Could I have your email or another way to contact you please


Nov 05, 2021

I have tiny black bugs or tinyworms coming out of my


Who The Fook Is This Guy
Who The Fook Is This Guy
Jun 12, 2021


i got canceer and bloated heart, I know who is hexing me, I get weird phone calls early

hours saying 666 in croak voice. I’m not paranoid. The person is a friend who has mental health problems and believes in magic. She always says demons are around her. But I believe she doing me fucking dirty, she gave me drink today and my body rejected what it was and her face. She kept asking I got more if I want. I know a spirit let’s in spirits. But I’m so depressed I took it. I need help cause I think what ever she doing, it is working. I’m going to avoid. It gonna hurt her feek8ng but fuck he…


Desiree Gharis
Desiree Gharis
Dec 15, 2020

Hi there, I am wondering how I might go about discovering if my ancestors practiced. Would this be done in a reading? Sorry for my cluelessness! Thank you!

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