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Stay Strapped: 7 Ways To Keep Yourself Spiritually Protected

When you hear the phrase “use protection” it typically leads you down a certain train of thought but in the spiritual community, know that we are definitely talking about your aura & not your nether regions. Well, most of the time. It’s common for many people to have the notion to cleanse themselves spiritually but not as many will have the same notion when it comes to their protection. In my previous blog about spiritual cleansing, “Sis, Ya Aura Is Dusty” I spoke briefly about how social media has created such easy access for energy exchange and transference. From evil eyes from the envious to brujeria from baby brujas who lack tact & self control, energetic protection is needed now more than ever. So I’m going to share seven different ways that you can stay strapped with some spiritual protection:

1. Prayer & Affirmations. Sure you are covered by your grandmother’s prayers, but keep that line of protection going strong with your own daily prayers & affirmations. Psalms 17 & 91 are two of my faves for protection from negative energies & entities. But get yourself comfortable & confident in praying from the heart or using passages from religious texts that your ancestors may have used. From the Bible to the Quran to Hindu chants, regardless of your background, you can always find something to use to aid in your protection.

2. Meditative Shielding. Meditative shielding can be a powerful way to protect your energy, but it involves a more intermediate level of meditation skill, or at least some comfort & familiarity with guided meditation. You can go it alone or press play on a guided meditation to bring yourself into a meditative state & energetically “shield” yourself. Visually cloaking yourself with white light or surrounding yourself with a wall of fire. This method allows you to get creative with your energy & will also help you to improve your intuition. Getting in the habit of protecting yourself through meditative shielding will help you to become more in tune with yourself so you’ll be a lot quicker to realize when you need a cleanse or when you’re needing some extra protection around you or your loved ones.

Try out this guided meditation:

3. Charms & Crystals. When it comes to charms & crystals, truly the world is yours. It all comes down to choosing what you wanna stay strapped up with. Some of my favorite charms are mojo bags, evil eye jewelry & crystals. Mojo bags are created by traditional hoodoo practitioners for various reasons & protection is just one of many. They’re filled with various protection herbs & crystals & then blessed in ritual by the practitioner. Along with mojo bags, there’s also spell bottles, which are used in the same manner. You can carry these charms on your person or keep them in your home or car to ward off negative energy & evil spirits. Speaking of evil, we’ve all seen the ever popular evil eye bracelets. The symbol itself is protective but adding your own prayer to it or having a bruja bless it for you will give it that extra OOMPH. You may be lucky enough to find some evil eye charms that incorporate the usage of protective crystals for added protection elements as well. I love stones like obsidian & smokey quartz. Black tourmaline is another very popular crystal for deflecting evil eye & low vibrational energy & also another one of my faves. I get by far the majority of my crystals from Chi’s Aura Crystals. Their shop is currently CLOSED TEMPORARILY but follow the shop page on Instagram & when they reopen use my promo code B&B12 for a discount. If you need help choosing the right crystals for yourself, Nzinga also offers crystal consultations.

4. Oils & Aura Sprays. Much like with cleansing, you can also use aura sprays for protection as well. HOWEVER, some protection herbs & oils are not skin-safe. So if you’re not making it yourself, you should always ask if the product can be used on the skin. My mystic oil Stay Strapped is skin-safe, as are all of my products. As you guys know I drop products like Telfars (ie: when I feel like it, and it’s always gone quickly) so make sure you’re signed up for my email list and/or follow @BrujitaGang on Instagram so you’re aware the next time I restock. In the meantime here’s a recipe for a Psalm 17 Protection Oil:

Grab yourself some olive oil, a few cloves & a piece of paper. Write out Pslam 17 on a piece of paper (or substitute with a protective affirmation) & put it into your jar or bottle of olive oil along with an odd number of cloves. Pray Psalm 17 (or your protective affirmation) over the oil. This oil should be strong enough to get you by on a day to day basis for personal

wear, anointing & for usage on your own personal candles. You can keep the oil charged by setting it out under a full moon. And keep it to yourself, don’t let others use or touch your oil. You don’t need anybody else’s energy all up in your mix potentially breaking your barrier of protection.

5. Baths. You know the saying “there’s an app for that” in response to all of life’s needs? Well us hoodoos & brujas know “there’s a bath for that”. Because truth be told, there’s a bath for just about everything, including protection. Do your research to find some protection herbs that are skin safe (rosemary, angelica & oregano are a few!) or hit up your local botanica or fave bruja for a premade protection bath. You may be cold & uncomfortable for a few minutes but you’ll be safe & warm when it counts.

6. Rituals. I guess we should add “there’s a ritual for that” too. But in all honesty, there is! Protection rituals are very important to keep up with. Whether you’re working your own roots, lighting up a candle or signing up for a group protection spell, it’s crucial to stay on top of it on a consistent basis, especially during times when you’re elevating, or have a recent success of any kind. Your manifestations can arrive quickly but they can leave just as quickly or face complications due to jealous energy & evil eye. Grab yourself a black, red or white candle, some protection herbs & oils & get that aura patched up.

7. Ancestors. I saved this one for last because it shouldn’t be implemented until you’ve gained some consistency in your cleansing & at least 1-2 of the other protection methods I’ve listed here. I say this because when giving offerings or praying to your ancestors, you are connecting with the dead. The only way that you can know if you are connecting with your ancestors & not trickster spirits is by incorporating cleansing & protection into your routine. Along with being specific with your intentions. Think of your ancestors as an extra layer. The extra guac in your bowl of protection. Who is eating a bowl full of only guac? Not too many people I know. So incorporate your ancestors not just when you’ve been good with your spiritual hygiene, but also when you’ve been honoring & cultivating a relationship with them regularly too. Check out my blog “Ancestral Veneration: The Royalty Inside Your DNA” to begin learning the basics of ancestral veneration & how to set up your altar. As you’re learning about your ancestors & how to give them offerings, you can also sign up for my Monthly Ancestor Money Burns. That’s a simple & efficient way to not only get some extra protection from your ancestors, but some extra blessings as well. I can’t be the one to tell you exactly what type of offering to give to your ancestors for protection, because we don’t all have the same spirits guiding us. Sit down at your altar or in a space that’s sacred to you & try to meditate or journal until you can intuitively decide upon an offering. Your ancestors live inside your blood, bones & every part of your DNA, so don’t ever feel like you’re giving them the wrong thing. Only YOU can know what it is that your ancestors are seeking. Spend time with them & they’ll always make sure you are protected & moving in the right direction.

Also, an honorable mention: Shutting the f*ck up. Probably one of the best & most foolproof protection practices to ever exist. Simply shutting your mouth can save you from a lot of negativity. Not every opinion needs to be shared. Choose your battles. Also, stop & ask yourself, is that person really jealous & throwing evil eye at you, or were you gossiping about them & got the karma you deserved? It’s not always about speaking negatively about others either. You don’t have to always share every success or every power move that you make too. Keeping things quiet until they are solidified can help you avoid the extra drama via haters & negative energy.

While we’re on the topic of shutting the f*ck up, I’m going to do just that & end this blog here. I have a ton of other protection practices that I utilize but I’d be doing myself a disservice by giving them all away. A true warrior will always keep their enemies from finding a way to disarm them. Giving away all your secrets is like counting all your cash in front of the boys at the bodega. It’s just some things you don’t do unless you’re looking for trouble. As always, never stop your education & research at Follow your intuition & always do what feels right TO YOU.

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