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To Hex, Or Not To Hex?

Your boss fired you from your job. Your boyfriend cheated on you. Someone is gossiping & telling lies about you. Or maybe your best friend slept with your sister’s baby daddy *coughs* hey Kylie *coughs*. You now feel the need to flex up & use your spiritual muscles to seek justice. But before you do, there are some things to think about in order to make the best decision for yourself. There are many viewpoints on hexing/cursing, and I want you to be able to explore as many options as possible. There is no true right or wrong, as every witch has his or her own path.

Most common among modern day witches, Wiccans & pagans is the three-fold law. This is the belief that whatever you send out will return back to you but amplified times three. This is in cases of all magickal workings whether it be positive or negative. Within that viewpoint, there are also people that believe that the three-fold law only affects “positive” magick & only affects “negative” magick when your target finds out that you’ve placed a curse or hex on them.

Then there are many old school & new school brujas that believe in cause & effect. This is the belief that is best simplified as “for every action, there is a reaction.” There’s many ways one can defend themselves & many brujas (but not all of us) may choose to defend themselves using their magick. For most, it’s a way of getting your “get back” but in a silent way. Think “an eye for an eye”.

Most people who subscribe to the “cause & effect” belief, do however, acknowledge the laws of karma. They believe that whatever you DO send to a person, shouldn’t outweigh the negativity the person originally caused, or you may bring yourself some negative karma in return. So if you didn’t get the raise you asked for, that doesn’t mean you should just go hex your boss to make them get fired. A more equal “effect” may be that they don’t get another promotion until you get the raise & recognition you deserve. See, cause & effect witches are just all about equality.

Lastly, there are some witches that do not believe in karma whatsoever. They may sometimes identify themselves with “chaos magick” and/or may also considered themselves to be of a “left hand path”, although this is definitely not all inclusive. I say “sometimes” because I do know some bruja/o/xs that identify with these labels but adhere to the three-fold law or to cause/effect. People who do not subscribe to idea of incurring karma (through both good & bad deeds) believe that whatever reaction you see fit, is justified. Very similar to the idea of cause/effect but without the element of potentially incurring bad karma for oneself by “doing too much”.

Regardless of the viewpoint you choose subscribe to, there are some very real things you’ve got to consider before lighting a nary one candle. First you need to consider if you, yourself caused these events or negative reactions from people in your life. This is NOT a time wallow in self pity or find ways to blame yourself. Instead, this is your time to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE for your own actions. Your ex that cheated, did you originally steal him from another woman? *coughs* hey Khloe *coughs*. Did you not get the raise or promotion you asked for because you’ve been late for work everyday for the last 6 months? Sis, you know when you’re wrong as two left shoes.

Next you gotta determine all the potential outcomes if you choose to proceed in cursing or hexing. You could hex your ex boyfriend & now he can’t get over you & he’s causing problems as you try to move on into a new relationship. You throw magick at your boss for screwing with you, he/she gets fired & now you have to work mandatory overtime to cover their shifts & that’s going to interfere with your night classes.

There’s a lot of factors to consider, which is why I hardly ever recommend acting in the moment or when you are feeling too emotional, especially if you’ve never done this sort of thing before. Some people can thrive under emotional stress but unfortunately most of us cannot. If you do not know to cleanse, heal & ground yourself, you don’t have any business having even read this article. Those are basic tasks that you should learn & know for yourself first & foremost. You should have some cleansing, healing & grounding rituals already in your repertoire that you, YOURSELF have tried & tested. You can read some of my previous blog posts for ideas, tips & rituals. Work on effectively executing rituals for healing before you even think about embarking on an expedition to the dark side.

Now this last part is my personal opinion but it needs to be said. You have to decide if the haters & assholes are even worth you taking the time to use your spiritual gifts to make their lives worse. I actually restarted my spiritual journey some years ago because I wanted to hex an ex boyfriend who had cheated on me profusely. Instead, I ended up devoting my time to learning how to heal myself & grow. Sometimes you can literally DESTROY your enemies simply by starving them of attention altogether & by continuing to strive for your own success & happiness. Some people have created shit storms of negative energy for themselves, so they are already their own curse. Also in my own opinion, in cases of physical or sexual abuse, rape, theft and/or murder, WREAK HAVOC!!! I hope reading this helps you make the best decision yourself & your spiritual journey. Happy hexing, y’all!


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